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Escuintla, Guatemala

The town of Escuintla is to the south of the Volcan de Fuego that erupted last summer.  I was there to do workshops and shows for those affected by the volcano.  As I left town, I had the opportunity to stick my camera out the car window.  this is some of what I saw.


A Japanese Ghost Town

Tsunami debris nearby Ofunato 2011


Downtown Ofunato 2011
Downtown Ofunato 2011









Stark images of Tsunami destruction burned into recessed corners of my mind’s eye are suddenly brought to life as the film shoot takes us to the ghost town of Tomioka, untouched since the Earthquake.Tsunami. Radiation disaster. It remains intact in full destruction mode due to atomic toxicity. Walking through the town offers eerie abandoned souls vibes and a deep sense of the tragedy. On top of the unreal images of twisted, tortured decomposing houses lining the quiet narrow streets are never-ending stacks of huge black bags of irradiated top soil in a vast cemetery of forever history along the oceanfront. One can only wonder what the plan might be. Do they think that none of the radiation went deeper into the soil over the years as the rain take the heavy particles deeper into the soil? Well I am sure it is better to get rid of the worst than to just let it sit there. Upon inquiry, I am told that the plan is to lay down plastic, and fresh soil and green house structures to farm over the top of it all…this is the story running around, and no deep journalistic inquiry. No doubt the truth is far more complex, layered than I could possibly know….the bulldozing and bagging of topsoil is happening all over the landscape as we travel through what is/was the exclusion zone around Fukushima-Daichi…
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airport bound.


majestic windmill turns gracefully

joyous amongst brothers and sisters

in a waving field of golden sunlit flowers

towering above slow river

of swirling automobiles.


a cow quartet

lush grass banquet

white and black

easy eating repose

green grass mouths

diamond heart chewing.


no small irony

that Fukushima is

the ultimate destination

of this airport bound ride.

Will there still be

mountains of tsunami debris?

invisible radiation penetration ?

forgotten elders?

sheltered fragmentation?

how foolish

to even consider

when soon

i will be there.