1000 Noses Project.Buddha Nose Photos




For the past little while,Clowns Sans Frontières, France, the French Clowns Without Borders, have been preparing an action, the 1000 Noses. On November 17 and 18th, they will be putting clown noses on over 700 statues in downtown Paris !!!  They have also put up a blog to celebrate the event. You too can join in the fun.  They are calling for collaborators around the world to do the same thing !!! Yes, that could mean you-go put clown noses on statues in your town on Nov 17th and 18th, and take pictures.  Please also upload your photos onto a blog that they have dedicated to this project!  Here’s the address for anyone planning to participate:
It should be great fun !!!

I’m bummed as I will be teaching a workshop that weekend at the Neumuhle Meditation Center, not exactly the center of the urban statue-dom. However, In the spirit, I have been taking photos the past few days. I was in the town of Bielefeld (Germany), and took an excursion to the city castle where there is a statue…problem was it was a little taller than me. My friends and I played with photos of my trying to climb up the statue, had some fun but no great photos. Lo and behold, when I turned around and looked at the ivy wall, I saw a well neglected statue hiding amongst the ivy in a little alcove.
Then, or should I say Zen, in the spirit of sacred mischief, I decided to see what the Buddha might look like with a clown nose…








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