‘Le Funny’ Exercise #1 Plunking a key on a keyboard

‘Le Funny’ Exercise #1

Plunking a key on a keyboard.
Equipment. One standard computer keyboard, and a flat surface to put it on.

This exercise involves clowning the action of your right index finger plunking a single specific letter on the keyboard. If you are unfamiliar with the term clowning, for these purposes, think of it as engaging your sense of humor.
Read through the whole exercise before you come back here to start your plunking.

1. Get your keyboard in a place where you can easily type, either standing or sitting
2. Place your right hand  6-12 inches above the keyboard
2.5 Decide which key you plan to ‘plunk’
3. Wake up your intent to be funny, bring that feeling to your eyes.
3.5 .Stare at your right index finger.
4.  Let le funny guide your right index finger to move and go ‘plunk’ the key.
See what you come up with.
Games you might play with: aiming, positioning, method of locomotion, sounds, hitting or missing desired key.
5. Perhaps you miss your target?  Repeat as necessary to hit desired target
6. Create variations, exaggerations
…repeat as desired

…Use the plunk at spontaneous moments on your way


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